Take A Look At The Fancy Louis Vuitton’s Latest “Series 5” AW16 Advertising Campaign

By | September 18, 2016

“In addition to being an incredible photographer, Bruce Weber is also a true choreographer of images. He knows how to capture the energy of each individual, and his images are always dynamic, almost alive. I love the unusual perspective he brings to such a major star. Selena’s popularity is fascinating; she’s an icon for her generation. And yet, there is a disarming sincerity and a true presence about her, she’s very direct and grounded. She’s spontaneous and always up for a discovering new things. Two years ago, she had already approached me in her very simple, easy-going manner and now I’m watching as she changes and grows. For a designer, it’s extremely gratifying to participate in the process as a woman evolves”.


Shot by Bruce Weber on location in Miami, Louis Vuitton’s latest “Series 5” advertising campaign for Autumn/Winter 2016 stars Selena Gomez as the brand’s latest heroine, alongside models Jean Campbell, Sara Choi, Luisiana Gonzalez, and Erika Linder.