Monthly Archives: December 2016

Valentino alternative replica bag design reflects the endless need for youth appeal

Italian fashion label Valentino is hinging the start of its path to contemporary on a new studded replica bag and an avant-garde photography project. “Valentino has made an effort to re-position itself to increase acquisition and market share of the younger 16-24-year-old consumer segment,” said Sebastian Jespersen. “In an over-saturated marketing landscape, campaigns that focus… Read More »

Matisse Footwear Added Bags To The Mix

The company Matisse Footwear , known for its slightly rugged, gently distressed footwear, is grabbing a bigger share of women’s accessories closets and has added bags to the mix. Three styles are now available from the Los Angeles-based brand and include the Fjord, the Primo, and the Sienna. “Customers come to us for the unique… Read More »

Reviewing The Replica Balenciaga Classic Phone Holder Shoulder Bag

Certainly this person doesn’t know what she is talking about or maybe she haven’t heard yet of this Classic Phone Holder Shoulder Bag from Balenciaga if he/she said that your phone holder couldn’t be stylish and classy? Notice carefully the DNA’s that has been copied, like the little bucket-like-design on the bottom corners, the top… Read More »

Reviewing The Colorful Designs From Peonica London

Peonica London introduced its third and latest design, the heart shaped Amour Bag, in late February 2016 and the one and only Anna Wintour has already got hers over London Fashion Week.Peonica London is a young contemporary designer brand that is quintessentially British. Always passionate for fashion, Peonica London’s designer Zo? who was born and… Read More »