The Special, Nice Givenchy Show Replica Bag On Sale

By | June 6, 2016

The casual Givenchy Show is a cross body bag. However, it isn’t a mini and it isn’t a messenger. Well, at least not what I would consider a messenger. The oversized, flattened rectangular bag hangs from its strap in a way that hugs your body. Not only does this make this style unique, it also makes it quite handy. What I mean is, you can probably put quite a few things in it without that bulky feeling. I love the extra wide strap too, which is the secret to comfortable cross body wear. Now there are several different renditions of the Show Shoulder Bag floating around out there, but I like this simplified version. The soft black leather is trimmed with thin white edges. It gives this bag a very clean and crisp look, even though it is clearly a very casual style.


For hands-free days, I am quite partial to the cross body bag. The style is easy, simple, and casual. Perfect for grab and go situations. The way I see it though, there are two types of cross body bags. They are usually classified as your mini bags and your messengers. But when I saw the Givenchy Show Shoulder Bag Reviews, I wasn’t quite sure how to categorize it. As you see it’s different than any other style I have seen before.

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