Take A Look At The Attractive And Impressive Replica Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2016 Monogram Canvas Collection

By | May 9, 2016

First up, the City Steamer which is basically to Louis Vuitton what the Diorever is to Dior, their respective takes on the structured tote topped with a pair of short top handles. Simply known as the one with the ‘Jacket Painting In Black And White’, this ‘mixed material’ City Steamer is part-Monogram Canvas and part-studs with banded stripes in Black and White.


Next up, the Twist, which is THE one special Louis Vuitton is pushing to be their IT bag. With a cleverly designed clasp that resembles its own logo when it’s in the ‘locked’ position, you twist it counter-clockwise till the LV becomes VV and voila, the bag opens.

Finally, the one bag from the luxury Louis Vuitton that still makes my heart skip a beat whenever I lay eyes on it. Here is this season’s Petite Malle with ‘Jacket Painting’, a racy, sporty number with the painted stripes and a matching enamelled clasp that has the same corresponding colours.

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