Reviwing The Classic 2016 Collection Replica Givenchy Bag

By | October 17, 2016

Givenchy’s Fall 2016 Classic Bag Collection is the talk of the buzz in the fashion industry if you haven’t heard it .This is one thing to look out for, especially to bag lovers out there.

Today,let’s talk about the Classic Bag of Givenchy 2016 Collection.


What we want to talk first is the classic Replica Gucci Lucrezia Bag. It was introduced to the public three years back, last Spring 2013 to be exact. The Lucrezia dominated the hands of several celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Miranda Kerr and Amanda Seyfried to name a few. Its well-structured style has appealed not only to Hollywood superstars but also to other bag lovers out there.

For the Fall 2016 Collection, we are seeing the Lucrezia bag reinvented. It has this happy-go-lucky vibe with the Givenchy Logo stamped leather. It makes us remember those childhood moments of ours in a good way.


Another bag stunner is The Nightingale Bag .The Nightingale Bag is almost a decade old but due to its flare and modernity, it managed to live through its name,which has been a favorite style staple ever since it’s release in late 2006.

this bag was named after Florence Nightingale with a classic and timeless Givenchy piece,. Its versatility due to the two handles and a detachable shoulder strap makes it easier for you to wrap it around your hands or use it either over your shoulder.

We are loving this style since you can go from glamour chic to hard punk rakista in less than a second by pairing it with the right clothes and right amount of accessories.
For the Fall 2016 Classic Bag Collection, the Nightingale Bag is seen to be bolder and up-to-date with the added metal crosses adorning it.

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