Replica Givenchy Rarely Gave Us A Better Look At Its Big New Bag On Pre-Fall 2016

By | April 4, 2016

Givenchy hardly ever uses handbags on its fashion runways, but I am glad I checked in on its Fall 2016 runway show just in case. The company featured only one new bag style in a number of different crocodile colors, and when Riccardo Tisci would like to place it in the forefront on a single of Givenchy’s greatest days of the season, you may be that you are going to check this out bag everywhere.


The bag is a belted tote that first popped up in Givenchy’s Pre-Fall 2016 lookbook in January, where it was featured in a larger size more appropriate for a day bag. On the Fall 2016 runway, it took on a smaller profile, complete with crossbody shoulder strap. This version appears to be about the same size as the Best Quality Celine Nano Luggage Tote, which is a perfect weekend bag.


Because Givenchy more often than not eliminates arming models using its bags, the inclusion of the the first is important. The super-popular Antigona, Pandora and Nightingale have been available on the market and before consumers for a long time, so it seems sensible that Givenchy is searching for new to participate their ranks and provide shoppers some novelty. With this particular bag’s simple, distinct lines and obvious usability, I would not be amazed if the bag switched out to become a wise bet.

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