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By | March 9, 2018


When it’s the summer, prepare for the fall. And when it’s fall, prepare for the summer. Chloe is about the drop the Fall Winter 2017 Collection and it’s a good thing to check what we can expect from the handbags. In this post, we will be covering the most beautiful handbags and we can already hint you that round and curvy are the new trend at Chloe’s house.


It’s either the updated version of the latest Nile Bag or it’s a new Nile-inspired handbag. The top is crafted with metal handles, but the last time Chanel tried it, our community didn’t like it. But Chloe Bags San Francisco Replica might change the game as they have their own style – casual chic. If you take a closer look, the round shape, the soft suede leather combined with leather curved decoration does look ladylike and stunning. The handles in gold enhance the design by making it more elegant and stylish. So what do you think? Go or a no go?


The hardware can be obtained either in gold or silver — both are stunning, shiny and will attract lots of attentions.The form of this bag is dependent upon the size you select; the medium size is made in trapezoid shape whereas the small size comes from rectangle shape. And even demanding the important components are similar such as the large loop, but the shape and the interior is quite different. The size is much smaller than the moderate size, which makes it ideal for the evenings or on days when you don’t want to carry much stuff. The medium size is ideal for work.The Chloe Bags London Replica Faye Bag is generally made in single colors and part suede/part leather. The component suede and part leather produce the most interesting appearance, because suede makes the color brighter and the leather makes the colour sharper. And along with the big loop in shiny hardware, you can be sure that it is a statement maker. For the single colors, the hottest leather is that the goatskin.There is never shortage of colours at Chloe, but certain colors are more popular and functional. The absolute most favorite alternative for celebrities and bloggers is the colour orange (generally in part suede and component leather), then black, then beige/white, brown and gray. Am perhaps only among the few men and women who never liked Chloe bags post- Paddington. With the exception of the Paraty, I took a liking to the Marcie, the Faye, along with the Drew when everybody else was practically fawning over them.

Part suede and part leather (usually the flap) is the new trend set by Chloe. This new combo of leathers is embellished in the latest classic Faye handbag. The Chloe Drew Bag is following the trend and for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, new styles will be introduced, but also new colors. The part suede and part leather design is quite interesting – the suede creates a softer side of the shade while the leather is boosting it. And together with the jewelry-like chain, the bag looks stunning.















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