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By | March 9, 2018


First introduced in the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection, the Chloe Bags Cyber Monday Replica Drew Bag instantly captured the attention of the fashion world. It was truly love at first sight and within few months after it’s first-release, bloggers and celebrities were seen carrying this beautiful round-shaped shoulder bag on the street. But its rapid fame was not surprising at all, have you ever spotted such unique design before? No, and that’s why it’s a rare gem. Try to sling it on your shoulder once and you will get hooked forever – It’s like an addiction.

The Design


Every part of the Chloe Bags Black Friday Sale Replica Drew Bag is so Chloe-ish. It’s a casual chic handbag, but it can also be matched with formal clothing like a dress or suit. The design is truly a masterpiece and while it’s crafted with a stunning front flap, the majority of the attention actually goes to the beautiful hardware, especially the center lock, which is made with a pin lock closure. The top comes with a golden hook and it’s attached to the jewelry-like chain. Every component is vital for the whole appearance, even the snap fastening on sides, which is made to adjust the size to your comfort.

The Chloe Drew Bag usually comes in golden hardware, but depending on the color and leather of the bag, it also available in silver hardware. The round and curvy shape is the most appeal part of the design, because it makes the bag looks so ladylike no matter what outfit you wear. The front flap closes and opens with a magnetic fastening, so you can have quick access to all your essentials inside. However, you can put your small essentials in the back pocket as well for the instant-grab.

Wear the bag on your shoulder or cross body. Carry it downtown or on city trips, this bag is a statement maker and immensely popular as well. I mostly love because the bag doesn’t scream Chloe, even tough it looks fabulous.

The Interior


The interior is rather simple, but it’s made to put as much essentials inside as possible. That’s why there is one large compartment and internal slot pocket for important necessities. The inside is also covered with suede lining for the softness and luxury appeal. And it usually has the same color as the exterior.

The Sizes


From Left To Right: Nano, Mini, Small, Medium

The measurements:
Celine Nano Drew Bag: 5′ x 6′ x 2.5′ (H x W x D) inches
Celine Mini Drew Bag: 6.5′ x 7.5′ x 2.5′ (H x W x D) inches
Celine Small Drew Bag: 8′ x 9′ x 2.75′ (H x W x D ) inches
Celine Medium Drew Bag: 9.5′ x 10.5′ x 3.5′ (H x W x D ) inches

Today, the most popular sizes of the Chloe Drew Bag are the nano, mini and medium size. With the interior in mind, the Medium Drew can be your everyday bag while the Nano Drew is better fit as an evening bag. And it’s true that the smaller the size, the cuter the bag looks, but sometimes you need to carry a bag that’s practical as well.

The Leathers


From Left To Right: Goatskin, Calfskin, Lambskin


From Left To Right: Suede with Leather, Python

The Drew Bag is offered in different leather, it includes the goatskin, lambskin, calfskin and python. Chloe is also famous for making part suede and part leather handbags, that’s why sometimes you can find a Drew Bag in suede but the flap in full leather. The most common leather is goatskin, because it’s durable and smooth. The calfskin leather is impeccable as well, but it feels grainier. Both are great choices though.

Lambskin feels luxurious and super soft and Chloe’s version is not as fragile as Chanel’s version. Then you also have body suede and flap leather options; the mix of these leather combinations creates an interesting contrast. Due to the different in material, the suede color is usually brighter while the leather color is sharper.

The Colors


From Left To Right: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Red


From Left To Right: Orange, Brown, Burgundy


From Left To Right: Light-Grey, Grey, Sky Blue, Python

While it’s easier to opt for the classic black color, it’s just one of the few popular choices for celebrities and bloggers. You see, the Chloe Bags Toronto Replica Drew Bag is a happy bag and it’s available in series of bright colors. This bag is especially perfect to wear during the spring or summer, together with your cheerful outfit. First orange is the color of the house, so it’s one of the best options. The others basic colors are pink, light blue, dark brown and light grey.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy?

The best way to purchase the Chloe Bags New York Replica Drew Bag is to carry the bag yourself to see whether it’s comfortable. Then look online for the lowest price available. In general, the prices of high fashion doesn’t differ much, there is not much price differences between online and in the boutiques.

Via the Internet, you can check all the available colors, sizes and new styles. You can compare the prices between different boutiques to see which one has the best price. If you order online, you can always send it back if doesn’t suit you. We’ve gathered all the handbags available from the most trustworthy boutiques around the world. Check them out below:

Where to shop the Chloe Faye Bag?

1. MyTheresa – find most of the basic and classic colors here.

2. Farfetch – you can find a lot of colors and styles from all the stores around the world here.

3. Elyse Walker – some seasonal colors are only available here.

5. SSENSE – more handbags in different materials can be found here.

6. Matches Fashion – some unique combination and embroidered versions are available here.

Why is this bag getting it correctly? It is a little bit of everything really. When designing a tote, the end result should be that the item is easily identifiable. This is precisely what Chloé has created with the Faye: that the Faye has an extremely luxe-bohemian vibe that has become easily recognizable as a Chloé bag.I love a bag that hugs near the human body and is flat while remaining spacious. I’ve tried the Faye on and it achieves just that; easy to wear, easy to match to, and a general casual yet high-end feel.Chloé is making the Faye a big push, so expect to see many renditions of it shortly. My vote goes for this silk smooth gray version. Are you feeling the Faye as much as I am? Price is $1,950 via Neiman Marcus. All week, we are revealing a special handbag each day, all of which may only be found through our NHD partner, Bloomingdale’s. As you can see, this one’s charms are apparent.See by Chloé strikes somewhat under the radar compared to its big-sister line, Chloé, but over the past several seasons, the contemporary brand’s handbags have always surprised us in the finest possible way. This bag hits a couple of significant Fall 2014 styles–backpacks and pastels–without feeling overly trendy or seasonal in any way, which is an impressive accomplishment unto itself.This is the kind of bag that everyone on the PurseBlog team adores; it seems present, lavish, modern, subtle and practical, all at a price point far less restrictive than a lot of the brands that we frequently pay here. And for today, you can only purchase it at Bloomingdale’s.

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